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New Swift and Sprite Kit video tutorial series recreates Missile Command!

New Swift and Sprite Kit video tutorial series recreates Missile Command!
July 2, 2015 Justin

New Swift and Sprite Kit video tutorial series recreates the classic fun of Missile Command!

For those of you hoping to celebrate the 4th of July this weekend with no new video training, I couldn’t let you off that easy. I’ve been furiously recording the past couple days (and tomorrow too) to bring you a brand new Swift and Sprite Kit video tutorial series.  We’ll use our big brains and modern programming skills to re-make a classic arcade game. Of course I have no clue how the original Missile Command was programmed so it’s a recreation only in the sense that our finished version has the same vibe. Throughout the course, we’ll also add modern graphics and some new features so the game feels fresh and worthy of inclusion in the App Store by today’s standards.

And yes, the final project is close enough to a complete app that this could certainly be considered a template or iOS Starter Kit. So you get the best of both worlds with this series. An awesome Xcode project, with step-by-step training to teach you every line that went into programming it.

For my subscribers, you all get first dibs (the first two sessions are ready to watch). If you’re brand new to Swift or Sprite Kit, pay attention to the first session. For my regular learners, you can probably skip to the second session. The course will be available for Lifetime Access when it wraps. If you aren’t a subscriber, consider joining us for just $99 a year, or a low monthly price.

Missile Commander - Swift and Sprite Kit Video Tutorial

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