New 13 Hour Course – Animation in Twelve BLANK Lessons

New 13 Hour Course – Animation in Twelve BLANK Lessons
June 3, 2015 Justin

New Course! – Animation in Twelve BLANK Lessons!

Taught by Toon Boom Certified Instructor Rick Pickens!

We’re excited to announce a HUGE new animation series for all you indie story tellers out there. This series is 13 awesome hours long, and teaches 12 steps in a typical animation studio’s production pipeline, but geared toward YOU the one-man team. The series is taught by long-time instructor (but first-time CartoonSmart instructor) Rick Pickens, who comes to us with 30 plus years of experience in the animation industry. Jump straight to the course sales page to find out more!

And if you’re a CartoonSmart Subscriber, you’ve already got access to it!

Animation in Twelve Blank Lessons

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