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Make a Side Scroller

While also learning Swift and Sprite Kit for tvOS and iOS!


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Learn more about Sprite Kit

Sprite Kit is a 2d game engine for creating apps for iOS, tvOS, and Mac OS devices. Sprite Kit comes included with Xcode and since it is developed by Apple, developers can be assured that future versions of the iOS, tvOS and Mac OS support their past projects.

Swift Video Tutorial - Technology Taught

Developed with Swift 2

This course teaches Xcode development using Swift 2, Apple’s latest programming language. Swift can be used to create both iOS and tvOS Apps to sell through the App Store, or Mac OS apps to sell through the Mac App Store.

Mom Fight

Read about our demo app...

Search Mom Fight on the Apple TV store, and we’re fairly confident our demo app will be the top result. Possibly only result. This app was mostly created using this tutorial series. We added external game controller support which you can learn from our Player vs Player tvOS tutorial series or Pinball Games for iOS and tvOS Tutorials. The thought provoking plot of our battle arena side scroller…. Mom’s must battle each other for Black Friday discounts while a nearby volcano seeps molten lava into the local mall: making for a most deadly shopping season. The side scroller gameplay used in the app is taught in this video series.

Instructed by Justin Dike, our usual Swift and Sprite Kit guru.

Over 10 hours of tutorials for tvOS!

There’s no shortage of things to learn as an iOS developer. Usually when Apple innovates, us developers scramble to catch up. So it’s rare when a brand new App store comes online, full of potential, and for once many of us are a step ahead of the curve. If you’ve been using SpriteKit or Swift already, porting your past projects or creating new ones, is relatively simple. And if you’re brand new to app development, this course will teach how to start from scratch with Xcode 7, SpriteKit and Swift to make hundreds of possible games. In particular though, we’ll focus on making a 2D side-scrolling adventure game, complete with retro graphics and sounds. We’ll also create a tvOS template for you to jumpstart production on future projects with a start screen and buttons /sub-menus already in place.

tvOS Video Tutorials Side Scroller

Watch game play of what’s possible…

Learn something new, make something retro…

This series teaches everything you’d expect from a classic side scroller: moving platforms, enemies, lava pits, portals to other levels, collectible items, vines / ladders to swing on. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create hundreds of levels for a best selling app in the new tvOS Store.

Build a template for any kind of game down the road…

template screen on tvOS


To ease you into developing for tvOS, we’ll start by creating an Xcode project to act as a template for any of your future SpriteKit apps.  Using the remote instead of being able to touch the screen, takes a little different code, so we’ll start by creating a simple two-button home screen, then work on a more complicated 5-button screen. We’ll also discuss saving brightness / color preferences to persist throughout the lifespan of the app (for example, in case the user wants to adjust shades of black based on their TV). And among many other topics, we’ll also practice passing data between the GameScene and other menus. By the end of this section, you’ll have an Xcode project worth saving for years to come!

Made specifically for tvOS, but dual-tested for iOS


Although this is 100% a tvOS course, going between tvOS and iOS for SpriteKit is so simple, you’ll also learn how to take the work done on our main project, create a new Universal iOS app, and use almost all the same Swift code to build an iPhone and iPad version. In a separate tutorial, we will also teach how to add a tvOS target to any of your past Xcode projects, and build apps for the iPad, iPhone and tvOS from one master project.

ioS and tvOS video tutorials in one course

New device, new store…

Excitement is in the air… again! We’ve been teaching iOS tutorials since the 3rd iPhone, so we’ve gotten pumped up before: with the iPad, Watch, and countless new Xcode features, like Sprite, Swift, etc. You would think by now, we’d have a thick skin for these new toys from Apple, but after a couple months playing with the new Apple TV, we can definitely say this is one of the coolest new things in a long time. Giddy, would be describe the feeling. There’s something about kicking back on the couch and playing a game you’ve made on the big screen. If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s the games from our childhood, those ones we begged our parents for and fought our siblings over, can now be made all on our own.

tvOS Video tutorials for game development

Learn tvOS for Game Development

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