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Endless Worlds Tutorial – Procedurally Generate Levels with Swift and Sprite Kit – Lifetime Access

Endless Worlds with Swift and Sprite Kit - Lifetime Access
In this iOS video tutorial series we will explore (quite literally) endless worlds. That is to say, we will create levels procedurally that can challenge players with limitless gameplay.
Module 1 The Endlessly Moving World Node.  
In this first project we will populate a perpetually moving "world" node with randomly generated physics objects. We also look at converting CGPoint locations in Swift from the worldNode coordinates to scene coordinates, enumerating through every child in the scene, adding and clearing out nodes as needed, and much more!
Unit 1 Very Minor Changes for Swift 2
Unit 2 Course Assets (Starting Template and Finished Project 1)
Unit 3 Introduction to Project 1
Unit 4 Quick Overview of the Starting Template
Unit 5 Create a Perpetually Moving World Node
Unit 6 Clearing Unseen Nodes and Adding the Player
Unit 7 Touching Objects to Move them and adding the Contact Listener
Module 2 Endless Level Units  
In this series of videos we will modify the project from the first section and create "level units", for example, sections or modules of a level that each can contain their own objects and get created or removed as needed. The finished example project creates a kind of elevator style game where the character hops from platform to platform as long as possible. We will also look at the code to randomly move each platform (or any object) up and down and switch direction if it exceeds the visible screen area, as well as some ever-useful code to always center a world node on the player.
Unit 1 Course Assets (Finished Project 2)
Unit 2 Introduction to Project 2
Unit 3 Creating the Level Unit Class
Unit 4 Moving the World and Platforms within the Level Unit
Unit 5 Centering the World on the Character
Module 3 Crossy Frogger Project  
In these video tutorials we will create an endless game similar to Frogger or Crossy Road. Level units will again be created on the fly, with the distinction now of being either a "road" type or "water" type, each one having their own type obstacles. Physics-wise we will have four Body types: road, water, roadObject (cars) and waterObject (lilypads), and leave the door open to many more possibly!
Unit 1 Course Assets (Starting and Finished Project 3)
Unit 2 Crossy Frog Introduction
Unit 3 Tweaks from the Last Project and Creating Multiple Level Types
Unit 4 Different Objects for Different Level Types
Unit 5 Changing Object Speeds and Repositioning Offscreen Objects
Unit 6 Hopping on Water Objects
Unit 7 Resetting Levels
Module 4 Endless RPG Style Level  
In these vides we will convert the previous project to an endless top-down viewed RPG style world. The player can wander endlessly through randomly generated worlds, possibly to avoid objects or collect them. We will setup an array to track "level unit" locations that have already been added, then as the character wanders around, create new level units as needed. We will also include the option to remove level units the character has left (which could replace those units when the character walked back to them)
Unit 1 Course Assets (Starting and Finished Project 4)
Unit 2 Endless RPG Introduction
Unit 3 Adjusting the PlayerClass and Movements
Unit 4 Adding Endless LevelUnits Going North
Unit 5 Adding All LevelUnits and Clearing Unseen Units
Unit 6 Adding Grass and Water Objects within Each Level Unit
Module 5 An Endless Runner - The Grand Enchilada  
This series of video tutorials teaches how to create a Banana Kong style game, where the character can run, slide, jump or glide to get past all the elements in the game. This super fast running app uses Swift and Sprite Kit and is completely optimized to handle generating and removing levels on-the-fly.
Unit 1 Course Assets (Starting and Finished Project 5)
Unit 2 The Endless Runner Tutorial - Introduction
Unit 3 The Endless Runner Initial Setup
Unit 4 The Endless Runner Player Setup and Adding Jump Controls
Unit 5 The Endless Runner - Adding Gliding and Sliding Controls
Unit 6 The Endless Runner - Looping Background and Resetting the World
Unit 7 The Endless Runner - Adjusting the Level Unit Class
Unit 8 The Endless Runner - Adjusting the Object Class
Unit 9 The Endless Runner - Contact Testing and Wrap Up
Endless Worlds - Procedurally Generate Levels with Swift and Sprite Kit

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