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How to Draw Cartoon Animals

In this huge video tutorial series you will learn how animator and illustrator, Paris Christou, uses basic shapes to construct dozens of animals! With 82 real-time examples, you will experience what it's like to think and draw as a professional illustrator.

Created by: Paris Christou

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Section 1

Environment #1 Drawing House Pets

In this part, your instructor focuses on Cats and Dogs since their features are the basis to understanding the rest of the animals in this series.

Cartoon Animals – Course Assets

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Drawing House Pets 1

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Drawing House Pets 2

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Section 2

Environment #2 The Farm

Journey through the farm as you learn to draw animals that either lay eggs, go �oink!� or �moo!�, and lots more.

The Farm

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Section 3

Environment #3 Forest Animals

As you travel into the Forest, Paris teaches you how to draw characters like the bear, the fox, rabbits and more.

Forest Animals

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Section 4

Environment #4 The Jungle

Welcome to the jungle baby. Here you will learn to draw lions, tigers, elephants and apes!

The Jungle

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Section 5

Environment #5 Sea Creatures

Dive into the Ocean to learn how to draw Sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, octopus, sea horses and cuddly fish.

Sea Creatures

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Clean up

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Category: Illustration  -   Primary Software: Autodesk Sketchbook  -  
Tags:   how to draw - sketch - cartoons - animals - disney style - illustration - professional - duck - bird - dog elephant - monkey - wolf - lion - mouse - farm - jungle - underwater

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