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Free Swift iOS and tvOS Tutorial – Card and Board Games pt 1

Free Swift iOS and tvOS Tutorial – Card and Board Games pt 1
April 21, 2016 Justin

Free Swift iOS and tvOS Tutorial

Card and Board Games pt 1: Initial Project Setup

A free Swift video tutorial covering the basic setup of an Xcode project which targets both iOS and tvOS. This is the humble beginnings of a much longer premium tutorial on how to build a Card and Boards Games Starter Kit, but like all great adventures, we have to begin somewhere.

So in this 25 minute lesson, we’ll discuss how to start with an Xcode project for a Universal iOS app (meaning for both iPad and iPhone), then add the tvOS target. Both targets will be Sprite Kit and Swift based, so initially they will share common files like GameScene.swift, GameScene.sks, etc. So we’ll delete duplicate files, then make sure both iOS and tvOS targets share the same files (in other words, we don’t want to two GameScene files in the same project). All of our eventual code classes in this series will be for both iOS and tvOS.

We’ll then pick on the GameViewController.swift and make it check to see which device the user is on, then pick a specific .SKS (Scene) file based on that. In other words, the iPhone will load a GameScenePhone.sks file whereas the iPad will load GameScenePad.sks, and likewise for tvOS.

We’ll conclude by putting our code to the test and launching on all three Simulators. This tutorial is free, but if you’re interested in creating your own Board Game app for iOS / tvOS, considering subscribing to for ALL of our amazing Xcode lessons.

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