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Digital Illustration Tutorial with Adobe Animate – Drawing Iron Man

Digital Illustration Tutorial with Adobe Animate – Drawing Iron Man
April 19, 2016 Justin

Digital Illustration Tutorial with Adobe Animate

Draw a Spokes Character for a Newsletter Header (or just Iron Man)

In this digital illustration tutorial, you will learn how to start from a sketch using pencil on paper, or any kind of drawing software for the iPad, tablet or other mobile device. After a quick 5 minute sketch, we will move over to Adobe Animate (Adobe Flash is fine too) for the vector illustration. Consider this a tad bit of an intermediate tutorial if you’ve never used Adobe Animate or Adobe Flash before, but if you don’t mind a bit of pausing to catch up, any level of student should be able to follow along. We’ll cover all the essentials to drawing with vector art – using gradients, Fills, strokes, filter effects and plenty more!

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