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World War Mech – Destroyer Droid

Royalty Free Game Art

  • Royalty free game art

Royalty free game art - gif previewRoyalty free game art - gif preview

Created with Adobe Animate, this fully animated droid will make a great bad guy in your next sci-fi game.


  • Walking
  • Firing
  • Damaged
  • Defeated
  • Colliding
  • Idle
  • Knife Attack


This author has extended the standard license to allow the art to be used for print purposes.

By: Justin

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Art Type: Game Art  -   Art Category: Characters - Side Scroller  -   Sub Category: Sci-Fi  -   Sub Category 2: Bad Guys  -  
Tags:   adobe animate - Droid - mech - platformer - robot - side scroller

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