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iOS Subscription April

  • How to Create a Virtual iOS Joystick with Swift and SpriteKit1

    How to Create a Virtual iOS Joystick with Swift and Sprite Kit

  • ios video tutorial saving input text with Swift

    New iOS Video Tutorial on Saving Input Text and NSUserDefaults in Swift 1.2

  • Ogre Royalty Free Game Art

    Last week for Subscribers to download this month’s FREE game art

  • iOS video tutorials on gesture recognizers

    Pinch, Pan, Swipe, the rest of the Gesture Recognizer video tutorials are available!

  • Gesture Recognizers in Swift Video Tutorial

    Three new iOS video tutorials on Gesture Recognizers in Swift

  • Video Tutorials for Swift 1.2 - Accelerometer

    New Video Tutorial on the Accelerometer (on both X and Y axis) plus some Swift 1.2 changes

  • Actionscript 3 Game Development Tutorial Bundle

    Over 50 Hours of Actionscript 3 tutorials have been added for CartoonSmart Subscribers

    For both our iOS-only and iOS and Art Subscribers, we’ve added over 50 hours of Actionscript 3 tutorials Adobe Flash…

  • Swift Sprite Kit Accelerometer Video Tutorial Featured

    Swift, Sprite Kit and Accelerometer Tutorial

    Just wrapped, the first video (of two) which teach how to use the Accelerometer in a Sprite Kit / Swift based…

  • Control Systems Updates – Moving along a path

    For our subscribers, I just added a new video tutorial to the Control Systems series. In this one we look…

  • Control Systems Tutorial - How to Control Character Movement with Swift and Sprite Kit

    iOS /MacOS Control Systems Tutorial with Swift and Sprite Kit

    Exclusively for our Subscribers this month, we’re releasing a lengthy new tutorial for  iOS or MacOS on Control Systems with Swift…


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