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Control Systems Updates – Moving along a path

Control Systems Updates – Moving along a path
April 6, 2015 Justin

For our subscribers, I just added a new video tutorial to the Control Systems series. In this one we look at moving characters / sprites along a path. Cool thing (that I didn’t know until today) is that Sprite Kit actually has an SKAction specifically for moving objects a long a path.  If you are a subscriber, you can head straight to the lesson here.

Follow Path Tutorial Sprite Kit and Swift

This lesson continued with a Centipede style setup, where we added multiple sprites by repeating an action that created a new skull every fraction of a second. If you’re a subscriber, you can watch the lesson from right here.

Swift Code Centipede style game



Also I rather enjoyed drawing the character for this lessons, so I added that video to the How to Draw All Your Own Game Art 2 tutorial. Subscribers can find the lesson here.

Illustration tutorial space invader icon


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