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  • Darkness Knight – Royalty Free Game Art

    Free for our Subscribers! The Darkness Knight is a medieval-style game art character thats makes a great addition to any side scrolling…

  • Game made with CartoonSmart iOS Maze Game Tutorial

    Temple of Thumb – Made using my Maze Game Tutorials!

    Color me impressed! Alan just showed me a preview video of an app he’s nearly finished (with the help of…

  • Skeleton Game Art

    Skeletons, Ninjas, a King named Vlad? All-new game art is available! has some brand-spanking new royalty free game art…. The Ninjas Character Set – Don’t get on their bad side. We…

  • How to Draw All Your Own Game Art Side Scrolling Character Tutorial

    How to Draw All Your Own Game Art 2 – Has Begun!

  • Royalty Free Game Art - Adventurers Character Bundle

    Lots of new game art and some limited quantity discounts!

  • iOS App Development with Cocos2d - Video Tutorials

    Added our Cocos2d tutorials / book to the Subscription Portal

  • Interface Design Video tutorial

    Added some classic CartoonSmart tutorials to our Subscriber portal

  • What you get with the Apple Watch Video Tutorials

    CartoonSmart’s First Apple Watch Course and Subscription Options


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