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The April CartoonSmart Newsletter – The Un-Mailed Edition

The April CartoonSmart Newsletter – The Un-Mailed Edition
April 17, 2015 Justin

Make Thousands With Your Art Using Unity 3D and Maya!

As most of you know by now, I love lessons that can make our students money in return. Okay, in theory, any lessons can do that, but there’s a few that are really geared toward a return on your investment when you learn something and this one might take the cake.

Many of you are 2D artists that haven’t ever dabbled in 3D or have a little, but aren’t pursuing it professionally (that’s me). This course is perfect for folks like us. It teaches how to start with a simple sketch, then model, rig and animate in Maya 3D (the free version) and import your creation into Unity (again, the free version is fine). Once packages up in Unity, you’re ready to sell in the Unity Asset Store.

What’s the Unity Asset Store? It’s a marketplace where artists sell their game art to developers that don’t have the chops to make great art themselves. And there’s a LOT of buyers out there. And the Unity Asset Store is just one of many marketplaces to sell your art.

Interested? Well check out the sales page for more info…

Available for Subscribers or as a Standalone Purchase at an Incredible Discount

This month’s lengthy iOS course is focused on controlling sprites in a Swift/Sprite Kit based project in as many as possible! This includes gestures, touches, paths, the accelerometer and your own suggestions for what YOU want to see.

Also in production this month is How to Draw All Your Own Game Art 2. Already 4 plus hours in, this course teaches how to illustrate side scroller characters, create an animation template for characters and we’ve now moved onto level creation. Find out more above.

Still here? Wondering what else is new?

Justin here. I’ve been working overtime to get our Subscription option packed to the brim with not only new lessons, but anything from our past catalog that would appeal to all your budding artists and game developers.

I could probably say this every newsletter, but each week that goes by I’m more and more elated by what we have now for subscribers. Our iOS and Art Subscription has 250 hours of lessons! Now I understand a site like Lynda sports thousands of hours, but keep in mind how relevant their content is to what YOU are interested in. We know you don’t want tutorials on Microsoft Word or Excel here.  The subscription I’m compiling here is as curated as CartoonSmart has ever been. Meaning, it’s what I believe my students can benefit most from.  And believe me, plenty of tutorials are offered to us that never make it on the site.

Here’s a quick review of what’s been added recently for subscribers…

And of course, we’re just getting started. It’s hard to imagine how much content we’ll have in a few months.

I guess my “What’s new” column turned into a hard-sell for our subscription. Oops. Alrighty, what else is new on the personal front?…  I watched the new Star Wars trailer 10 times yesterday. I’ve been Periscoping. I’ve been driving around with an Iron Man and Spiderman mask facing the cars behind me (I commandeered the kid’s masks for driving hi-jinx). What else…. oh had another baby. Thats 4 now. So rest assured CartoonSmart lives on after I’m long gone.

Okay, everyone! I’ll leave you alone. Have a safe weekend.

Your pal!

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