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Training. Kits. Art.

Since 2004, CartoonSmart has trained hundreds of thousands of students in illustration, animation and programming. We offer a mix of immersive, multi hour courses and daily, short courses to keep you motivated. We understand no student has the time to watch everything we teach, but even a small commitment to lead to a new career, better pay, a best-selling app, or a new skillset you practices for decades to come.

Sometimes all it takes is one idea, even just one word to get inspired. So whether you’re looking to just occasionally refresh your skills, or go all out and treat the site like an online college, we’ve got over 2500 tutorials ready for you.

Both Monthly and Yearly Subscribers get access to every video tutorial, and the source files/project for each course!

New Royalty Free Game Art Each Month

We are the only training site offering new royalty free game art and assets each week. Your membership includes fully animated, royalty-free characters, side scrollers levels, top down worlds, GUI, pixel art, sound fx and more! Sold separately our massive archive of subscriber art & assets is over $8000.

Yearly subscribers get access to ALL our past art and upcoming releases. Monthly subscribers get new releases each month. The art can be used in an unlimited number of commercial apps.

Exclusive iOS / tvOS Starter Kits

Our Swift 4 Starter Kits have been designed to enable non-programmers the ability to develop native iOS/tvOS apps without writing ANY code. Using simple, common sense properties to define everything about the app, our subscribers can build interactive story books, physics games like pinball, Zelda-like role playing games, and Mario inspired side scrollers. We also offer a Sticker Pack kit which makes selling upgradeable iMessage stickers a piece of cake.

Your Yearly CartoonSmart subscription includes ALL of our Starter Kits, which can be used for building as many free or commercial apps as you can create! We also offer standalone and bundle pricing for Lifetime Access to all of our kits.

A companion iOS & Apple TV App

Our new CartoonSmart app is made for both subscribers and non-subscribers to take their training on the go. If you’re a subscriber, you can watch most of our full-length premium courses wherever you go!

If you aren’t yet a subscriber, our app’s Recent section is always free, and includes new tutorials almost every day. Some of those courses continue with subscriber-only lessons, but plenty are just FREE! 

Plus the app itself is free, so download it today and check out what we’re up to!


Resources and Community Forums

The forums are always open for subscribers to ask to see something that will specifically help them. We welcome our students to ask questions and if something can be answered quicker with a video tutorial, we’re more than willing to turn on the mic and hit record!

We also pride ourselves on our course resources. We maintain up-to-date source files, so our past content doesn’t open up with error. And as code-seekers ourselves, we know it’s incredibly annoying to find a project that might hold the answers to your questions, then discover it won’t build.

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