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Introduction to Sprite Kit with Swift 4 or Swift 3

Learn the basics of Sprite Kit while making a simple top down-viewed character move around and interact with physics based objects.

Created by: Justin

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Section 1

Building a Simple Top Down Character

Nearly 2 hours of video tutorials on Xcode, Sprite Kit and Swift 4 (or 3). We'll cover everything a new iOS / tvOS developer will want to know about setting up a Sprite Kit based project, adding a player sprite, working with Actions, Physics, changing things at runtime, and much more!

Part 1 – The Sprite Kit Starting Template

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Part 2 – Adding a Player with Physics Properties

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Part 3 – Introducing SKActions and Detecting Touches

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Part 4 – Action Groups / Sequences and Run Blocks

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Part 5 – Short Interlude to look at a Cross Platform Project

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Part 6 – Gesture Recognizers

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Part 7 – Detecting Physics Contacts Between Bodies

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Part 8 – Changing zPositions at Runtime and Making a Custom Class

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Source Project

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Category: Game Development  -   Primary Software: Xcode  -  
Tags:   SpriteKit - swift - top down - game development - physics - collisions - gestures - touches - skaction

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