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Adobe Character Animator CC - Basics!

Have you ever considered animating your podcast? Or any short animation. Well Adobe Character Animator CC might just be the perfect program for exactly that. It auto-lip syncs pre-recorded (or live) audio AND captures your face movements from the camera onto a puppet character!

Created by: Justin

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Section 1

All you need to know for an animated podcast...

It's time to start really learning Adobe Character Animator CC. In this video we'll modify the Blank Face (Photoshop) template to add in our own artwork. For a challenge, we'll rearrange some layers, change the canvas, alter the rigging slightly and add a body below the face. In this video we will record live movements and audio, then we'll look at how most podcasters would probably use Character Animator CC, by bringing in pre-recorded audio. Character Animator can sync your character's mouth movements to your audio file. After that, we'll look at how to independently animate other parts of the character. For example, how to use the camera to add JUST eye brow movements. Or how to make the characters hair wave a little back and forth. Finally we'll look at how to do a simple motion tween in Character Animator. And spoiler, it doesn't involve keyframes!

Initial Setup

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Puppeting Your Character

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Category: Animation  -   Primary Software: Adobe Character Animator  -  
Tags:   character - animator - podcast - lip sync - animate - adobe - timing - quick

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