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The Pinball Games Starter Kit

Create your own pinball table for iOS or tvOS without ever writing a line of code.

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The Story Tellers Kit 2

Create an astonishing, interactive kid's book or graphic novel!

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Digital Painting

Video tutorials with Paris Christou

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Javascript Essentials

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Become a Pinball Wizard

Learn how build an unlimited number of realistic pinball games with Swift and Sprite Kit.

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OOP with PHP

New Course on Object Oriented Programming


Hybrid Application Development in 2016

Player vs Player Games

Let the battles begin - Made for specifically for tvOS!


Everything iOS9!

Build your own Side Scroller

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Swift Tutorials - Card and Board Games Video Tutorials

July 2016 – We’re deep into production on our Card and Board Games iOS and tvOS Tutorial Series, and posting new videos nearly every day.  Like all of our game development tutorials recently this one is Swift and Sprite Kit based.  Subscribers can jump in anytime and probably catch up to where we’re at. We’re up to session 4 and as the project as is now, we’re using a property list to set parameters, which can deal out cards for up to 8 players and build a variety of different games: Black Jack, Poker, etc. And we’re just getting started! We’ll be teaching this series all the way to the point that we’re ready to release a new iOS and tvOS Starter Kit to make an unlimited variety of card and board game apps. Think Bonanza. Think Game of Life.  Think of every great party game you’ve ever played!


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