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iOS Side Scrollers

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Learning Swift

Master the basics of Apple's new programming language!

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Space Pinball Games

Draw Your Own Game Art

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Maze Games.

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Side Scroller Game Art Video Tutorials
Maya and Unity3D Video Tutorials
Blender video tutorials - Game Art Character
Traditional Animation Video Tutorials

iOS Control Systems!

Property List Driven Apps!

Digital Inking and Coloring with Adobe Illustrator video tutorials
Toon Boom Animate Video Tutorials for Subscribers
Apple Watch Video Tutorial iOS Xcode Lesson
iOS and Mac OS Side Scroller Video Tutorials
Create a Pinball Game in Construct 2
Learn how to make toddler games in Construct 2 - Video Tutorials
Create a Feeding Frenzy Fish Game in Construct 2 - Video Tutorials
Html5 Video Tutorials now available for Subscribers
Storyboarding, Screenwriting and Animatics Video Tutorials now available for Subscribers

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Monster RPG Royalty Free Game Art Collection
steampunk royalty free game art
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I do!

I do!

CartoonSmart student proposes marriage with a side scroller game!

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A new hour of Side Scroller Tutorials!

A new hour of Side Scroller Tutorials!

We’ve got another new hour in the second How to Draw All Your Own Game Art series…

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Royalty Free Game Art for Subscribers!

Royalty Free Game Art for Subscribers!

Subscribers get two free game art packs this month, the Ogre and the Thug!

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Cartoon Smart, Star Wars, and Year 11 of the 100 Year Mission.

Cartoon Smart, Star Wars, and Year 11 of the 100 Year Mission.

How a galaxy far far away and CartoonSmart are forever intertwined….

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The Coolest iOS Tutorials Around!…

Maze Games with Swift and Sprite Kit - Tutorials
Role Playing Game iOS Video Tutorials
Option Screen Video Tutorial for UIView or Sprite Kit Apps

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Illustration Tutorials by the Great Paris Christou…

How to Draw Cartoon Animals Video Tutorials
How to Draw Slim Male Characters
How to Draw Macho Men Video Tutorials
How to Make Comics Strips Video Tutorials

Create a Fantastic World with our best iOS Starter Kit yet!

iOS Starter Kit Preview

The Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit enables you to build an entire world with nothing more than a property list and Tiled file. Tiled is a free program for designing and laying out game levels. Drag ‘n drop any sized image into a Tiled file, name it, position it and scurry back to Xcode to define it’s properties and publish. That is all it takes.

The kit is intended for side scrolling, or platform games as well as top-down, overhead style games.  And one game can house many different styles! Include completely separate mini-games within a single app. You can even charge for access to certain parts of the game. Finally the kit now supports handheld game controllers, like OUYA and iCade control sets.

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ios starter kit with handheld game controllers

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Role Playing Games Character Bundle
Super Sprite Bundle 5 - Royalty Free Game Art
Hand Painted Platform Bundle of Game Art

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CartoonSmart students come from (and go on to) some pretty big places….

CartoonSmart students come from (and go on to) some big places....
CartoonSmart students come from (and go on to) some big places....