How to set up a WordPress Site Part 1 (Episode 12)

How to set up a WordPress Site Part 1 (Episode 12)
May 8, 2016 Justin

How to set up a WordPress Site Part 1  (Video Tutorial Podcast Episode 12)

This video tutorial we’ll discuss how to setup a WordPress website. We’ll discuss the differences between registering your domain and getting a host, and how you can get a pre-setup WordPress hosting plan with the domain included (probably the easiest option if you don’t have either a domain or host). We’ll talk about some of the new top-level domain name options (like .pizza). We’ll take a quick look at the WordPress dashboard. We’ll also go into how to point a previously registered domain to the DNS or Domain Name Servers of a different hosting provider (than who you bought the domain from).

Hosts: Justin Dike, Clevon O’Doul


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