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Free Swift 2 and Sprite Kit Video Tutorials for Xcode 7

Free Swift 2 and Sprite Kit Video Tutorials for Xcode 7
August 20, 2015 Justin

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Swift Basics for Game Developers - Lifetime Access
Jumpstart your knowledge of Swift 2, SpriteKit and Xcode 7 with this simple, quickly-paced series of lessons. In just 90 minutes, you'll be tossing around physics-based objects in a SpriteKit based project, ready to start production on your first game or app. Also included are all of our Swift 1.0 and Sprite Kit video tutorials.
Module 1 Swift 2 Basics  
These first five video tutorials will teach you how to get setup in Xcode, and start programming with Swift right away. To get the most of it, you should be using Xcode 7 (or higher) and programming in Swift 2 (although Swift 1.2 would be fine as well). We'll talk about basic programming concepts in Swift 2, such as variables, functions, optionals, arrays, and dictionaries.
Unit 1 Swift 2.0 Basics Tutorials - Variables and Optionals
Unit 2 Swift 2.0 Basics Tutorials - Functions - Parameters and Returning Values
Unit 3 Swift 2.0 Basics Tutorials - Enum Types and Swift Statements
Unit 4 Swift 2.0 Basics Tutorials - Iterating through Arrays
Unit 5 Swift 2.0 Basics Tutorials - Iterating through Dictionaries to look up keys and values
Module 2 Swift 2 and Sprite Kit  
In this series of video tutorials we will discuss Swift 2 as it applies to Sprite Kit. Topics include using SKSpriteNodes, safely casting types, subclassing, physics bodies, SKCameraNodes, SKActions, detecting SKPhysicsContacts and more.
Unit 1 Swift 2.0 and SpriteKit Basics - Importing Images and Safely Casting SKNodes and SKSpriteNodes
Unit 2 Swift 2.0 and SpriteKit Basics - Enumerating through all child nodes (even SKReferenceNodes)
Unit 3 Swift 2.0 and SpriteKit Basics - Subclassing using the Custom Class Inspector in Xcode 7
Unit 4 Swift 2.0 and SpriteKit Basics - Introduction to Physics and tracking with SKCameraNodes
Unit 5 Swift 2.0 and SpriteKit Basics - SKActions and the especially useful RunBlock action
Unit 6 Swift 2.0 and SpriteKit Basics - Detecting physics collisions with SKPhysicsContact
Unit 7 Swift 2 and SpriteKit Basics - Demo Project
Module 3 Swift 1.0 Basics - Video Tutorials  
In this series of video tutorials, Justin Dike teach some of the basic things you can do with Swift in Xcode. If you’re completely new to programming or just need a little refresher, this is a great starter tutorial series.
Unit 1 Swift Basics - Part 1 - Xcode First Timers
Unit 2 Swift Basics - Part 2 - Variables, Optionals and Forced Unwrapping
Unit 3 Swift Basics - Part 3 - Functions
Unit 4 Swift Basics - Part 4 - If Statements
Unit 5 Swift Basics - Part 5 - Enumerations
Unit 6 Swift Basics - Part 6 - Arrays, Dictionaries, and For Loops
Unit 7 Swift Basics - Part 7 - Classes and Structs
Unit 8 Swift Basics - Part 8 - Classes Continued
Unit 9 Swift Basics - Part 9 - Subclasses
Module 4 Learn as I Learn – Sprite Kit & Swift 1.0 Video Tutorials  
In this video tutorial series, you can learn right along with Justin Dike during his first week using Swift with Sprite Kit. Although, Justin is very comfortable with Sprite Kit, these videos were recorded over his first 5 days with Swift, so this series is a bit more off-the-cuff, experimental, and reveals some of his initial “ah-ha” moments with the language.
Unit 1 Day 1 - Learning Swift and Sprite Kit - The Starting Project
Unit 2 Day 2 - Learning Swift and Sprite Kit - Early Physics Look
Unit 3 Day 3- Learning Swift and Sprite Kit - Part 1 Enum Types
Unit 4 Day 3 - Learning Swift and Sprite Kit - Part 2 - Update Function
Unit 5 Day 4 - Learning Swift and Sprite Kit - Initialize with a Dictionary, For Loops and More Physics
Unit 6 Day 5 - Learn Swift and Sprite Kit - Physics Contact Listeners
Swift 2 SpriteKit Basics Video Tutorials

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