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Event Specifics in the Card and Board Games iOS and tvOS Starter Kit

Event Specifics

In the Card and Board Games iOS and tvOS Starter Kit

Consider this a very incomplete list until we start implementing more of the “Board” related properties into the kit, but there’s plenty of “Card” properties to get started with…

Card Events

  • ReassembleCards
  • DrawCard
  • UseCard
  • StudyHand
  • HideHand
  • ShowHand
  • HideOtherHands
  • ClearCardsAfterWin
  • ClearCards

Camera Events

  • MoveCameraToHand
  • MoveToCenterAndScaleCameraTo
  • ScaleCameraTo
  • ScaleCameraToPlayerSetting
  • MoveAndScaleCameraToPlayerSetting
  • MoveAndScaleCameraTo

Score, Currency & Combination Events

  • TallyAllScores
  • TallyScore
  • TallyScoreByCombination
  • ScoreAndRemoveCombinations
  • ClearAllScores
  • ClearAllScoreLabels
  • UpdateScores
  • UpdateCombinations
  • ClearAllCombinations
  • ClearAllCombinationLabels
  • AddCurrency

Winning Events

  • CheckWinner
  • AddToWinAward

Label Events

  • SetLabel
  • ClearLabel




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