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Added our Cocos2d tutorials / book to the Subscription Portal

Added our Cocos2d tutorials / book to the Subscription Portal
March 4, 2015 Justin

For my wonderful new CartoonSmart subscribers, I’ve added 20 hours of Cocos2d video tutorials and 465 pages of bookish goodness to the portal. Yes the Cocos2d lessons are getting a little dated, but not so much so that A LOT of what’s taught is irrelevant. In fact I was just looking back on the Game Center videos myself the other day for a refresher.

I promise there’s PLENTY of new stuff coming, but I wanted to get these oldies but goodies in the portal for anyone that wanted them. Which is myself included.  I’m a big fan now of streaming these lessons. I have so many tutorials on my hard drive most are zipped up to save space, so a lot of times I have to unzip these first to take a look. And now I get the benefit of simply watching these lessons online.

If you’re curious about what’s taught in the Cocos2d course, the curriculum is below…

iOS App Development with Cocos2d - Subscription Access
This lengthy, 20 plus hour series teaches Xcode, Objective-C and Cocos2d. You'll learn how to create a flip-book style app, wave attack game, work with Game Center to set Achievements and Score boards, enable In-App purchasing, use the Box2d physics engine, create a Pac-Man style maze game, and all the fundamentals that go along with these topics, such as Singletons, Animation, Audio, Property Lists, Custom Fonts, etc. This course is a few years old, but don't write it off as too old to learn from, as there's plenty that still holds true today.
Module 1 The Basics of Xcode and Cocos2D - 2 hrs  
Introductions and Fundamentals.
Unit 1 All Projects
Unit 2 Introduction to the Series
Unit 3 Installing XCode and Cocos2d
Unit 4 Differences between the Cocos2d v1 and Cocos2d v2 template
Unit 5 Quick Xcode Tour and Adding Sources to Your Project.
Unit 6 So what is this App you will be building?
Unit 7 App Identifiers and Provisioning Profiles
Unit 8 Cocos2D basics, importing images, CCSprite properties, scheduling methods.
Unit 9 Accelerometer, touch events, CCActions.
Unit 10 Xcode5 Image Assets
Module 2 Singletons & Building a Flip Book App - 2 hrs.  
Learn how to create a children's book, comic book, photography gallery, reference guide-type app.
Unit 1 Introducing the Book Project and Notes
Unit 2 Buttons, Menus, Singleton Classes, Transitioning Scenes/Layers.
Unit 3 Adding In-App purchasing, unlocking content, NSUserDefaults, and restoring past purchases.
Module 3 Animation, Audio, Custom Fonts - 4 hours  
Topics include: animated sprites with Cocos2D, writing a custom animation class, sprite sheet animations, adding effects and background sound with the Simple Sound Engine, using your own fonts to make a score label in Cocos2D and creating a wave attack game.
Unit 1 Animated sprites with Cocos2D.
Unit 2 Writing a custom animation class with Cocos2d
Unit 3 Sprite sheet animations with Cocos2d
Unit 4 Adding effects and background sound with the Simple Sound Engine
Unit 5 Using your own fonts to make a score label in Cocos2D
Module 4 Create a Wave Attack Game  
Build a "target practice" app by setting up a Player Class, bullets, and detect radial or rectangular collisions. Continue the project by creating a wave attack game with Enemy classes, ammo drops, game menus, and much more.
Unit 1 Build a Target Practice App
Unit 2 Wave Attack Part 1
Unit 3 Wave Attack Part 2
Module 5 Working with Box2D, a Physics Engine - 7 hrs.  
This section teaches physics basics ultimately leading up to creating a Pac-Man style maze game.
Unit 1 The Box2D template explained.
Unit 2 Modify the template to be Retina Display capable
Unit 3 Drop ninjas into the Box2d world
Unit 4 Create a custom Box2d class for Ninajs
Unit 5 Using Box2D sensors and ContactListeners for Pac-Man style maze game
Module 6 Game Center, Leaderboards, Achievements - 4 hrs.  
We look at everything it takes to get your app setup for Game Center integration. We'll talk about what needs to be done in iTunes Connect to setup an empty leaderboard and a new achievement goal for players.
Unit 1 Setup a fighting game style project to work with Game Center
Unit 2 Game Center Introduction
Unit 3 Game Center Wrap Up and Review
Module 7 Property Lists  
This first video will introduce you to using Property Lists with Cocos2d (or any Xcode project). We'll create a blank one to start, compare the file type in both Xcode and Text Edit, then begin pulling properties into our test app. In the second video, we will look at some practical uses of the Property List, for example, how they could be used to populate different levels, define image files, and other variables.
Unit 1 Property Lists - Part 1
Unit 2 Property Lists - Part 2


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