Maya Character Animation – Subscriber Access

Character Animation with Maya - Subscription Access
This course aims to give anyone a quick start into the world of 3D animation but also guide you through some of the most challenging animation cycles with real-time instruction.
Module 1 Introduction to Animation in Maya
In these videos your instructor, Conan Sinclair covers the basics with Maya while teaching a bouncing ball project.
Unit 1 Maya Character Animation Course Assets
Unit 2 Introduction to Maya
Unit 3 Maya Tour as it Applies to Animation
Unit 4 The Classic Bouncing Ball Tutorial
Unit 5 Balance
Module 2 Turning a character
In these videos Conan teaches how to make your character do a dramatic turn.
Unit 1 Starting the animation
Unit 2 Adding anticipation and follow through
Unit 3 Smoothing it out
Module 3 Jumping
In these videos, Conan teaches how to make your character do a realistic jump.
Unit 1 Starting the Jump Animation
Unit 2 Finessing the Jump Animation
Unit 3 Final changes
Module 4 Walk Cycles Tutorial
In this section, Conan guides you through making a looping walk cycle for the character.
Unit 1 Walk Cycles part 1
Unit 2 Walk Cycles part 2
Module 5 Double bounce walk cycle
In these videos, you'll learn how to animate a more stylized "double bounce" walk cycle.
Unit 1 Double Bounce Walk Cycle Part 1
Unit 2 Double Bounce Walk Cycle Part 2
Module 6 Rendering and Texturing
In this final video, you'll learn how to render and texture the character inside of an environment.
Unit 1 Texturing and Rendering



Maya Character Animation Tutorials