How to Design Marvelous Logos in Adobe Flash – Subscriber Access

Marvelous Logo Design
Learn how to create poster-quality logos from scratch uses Adobe Flash
Module 1 Marvelous Logo Design Course Assets
Download the course assets.
Unit 1 Marvelous Logo Design Course Assets
Module 2 Text Fundamentals in Adobe Flash
In this section we will discuss the initial setup and fundamentals of manipulating text in Flash
Unit 1 Initial Setup
Unit 2 Basics of Text in Adobe Flash
Unit 3 Lettering Inset and Expansion
Module 3 Adding Dimension and Texture
In this section we will explore adding three-dimension aspects and masking textures in the logo.
Unit 1 Gradients and Shadowing
Unit 2 Working with a Texture in Photoshop
Unit 3 Masking & Adding the Texture to Flash
Unit 4 Adding More 3-Dimensional Aspects
Module 4 Complimentary Enhancements around the Text
In this section we will refine the almost-finished logo with some accompanying art.
Unit 1 Adding Cracks and a Rocky Backdrop
Unit 2 Adding Lens Flares
Unit 3 Adding a Cosmic Star Effect
Unit 4 Adding an Optional Subtitle
Unit 5 Conclusion


Marvelous Logo Design with Adobe Flash - Video Tutorials