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The Story Tellers Kit 2 is on the precipice’s edge of version 1!

The Story Tellers Kit 2 is on the precipice’s edge of version 1!
August 6, 2015 Justin

The Story Tellers Kit 2 is on the precipice’s edge of version 1!

And even yours truly, it’s programmer, can’t wait.

Well folks we are 1 day away from the first release of the magnificently Swift 2-based, iOS 9 Story Tellers Kit 2. And it mostly definitely stomps the original Story Tellers Kit into the ground. Granted, that was built eons ago with Cocos2d, but the point is, this kit is SO much easier, and capable of so many more features. I just wrapped up teaching lessons on some of the initial physics-based properties that will be in the kit (watch a little below), and it definitely has my brain spinning, when I think about all the cool things that could potentially be in an interactive book using physics, even to a small degree. 


Here’s what’s ahead. Tomorrow CartoonSmart subscribers can all download version 1 of the kit. I’ll be furiously recording new “Quick Setup” videos for all the existing properties and jotting down everything in iBook format for documentation. All the videos and documentation will be free by the way, so you can watch or read that from anywhere. If you don’t have a subscription yet, Yearly subscribers will always have access to the latest version of the kit. And if you’re a monthly subscriber, maybe you just signed up to access version 1 of the kit (hey, thats okay), you can purchase Lifetime Access to it at a supremely discounted rate. I’ll email subscribers shortly about that.

Tonight I’m teaching a series of lessons on Conditional things in the kit. For example…

  • How to set a user preference for a texture. For example, boy readers might want to see a different color on the books character than girl readers.
  • How to pair elements. For example, drag a puzzle piece and it connects to part of the puzzle
  • How to “listen” for multiple values. For example, you might progress the reader to the next page only if they have popped 5 balloons, touched 8 alligators and also written the world “ALLIGATOR” correctly in a text field. Yes, thats possible!

Sound fun? You can watch all the line-by-line creation videos if you want!




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