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Role Playing Games with Sprite Kit and Swift 3

Master Sprite Kit with this Ambitious Video Tutorial Series

Animated Banner Role Playing Games with Swift and Sprite Kit

Learn Swift 3 and Sprite Kit in one of our most fun, in-depth courses to date. Build an entire Property-List driven Role Playing Game from the ground up. What's that mean exactly?  You'll be able to quickly design levels in the Scene Editor, name specific elements (like TreasureChest), then set basic properties in a Property List file, for example, how much the item rewards when opened. The possibilities are endless with this type of game and this unique series will guide you through every step.

Course Outline

This video tutorial series is divided into sections so if you want to skip around, you can start at the beginning of a section using the project files from the end of the previous session.

Role Playing Games with Swift and Sprite Kit

Introduction to Sprite Kit

  • Starting Assets (Subscribers Only)
  • The Sprite Kit Starting Template (Free)
  • Adding a Player with Physics Properties (Free)
  • Introducing SKActions and Detecting Touches (Free)
  • Action Groups / Sequences and Run Blocks (Free)
  • Short Interlude to look at a Cross Platform Project (Free)
  • Gesture Recognizers in Sprite Kit (Free)
  • Detecting Physics Contacts Between Bodies (Free)
  • Changing zPositions at Runtime and Making a Custom Class (Free)

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Role Playing Games with Swift and Sprite Kit - Starting Assets

Making the Character Attack

  • Starting Project Files (this link will always have the latest version of the art assets used throughout every section)
  • Making the Character Attack
  • The Attack Area Custom Class

Role Playing Games Tutorial with Swift and Sprite Kit - Speaking to the NPC

Non Player Characters

  • Non Player Character Introduction
  • Parsing the Property List Data
  • Adding the NPC to the Scene with Property List Data
  • Making the NPC Walk Randomly Around the Scene
  • Testing Physics Contacts Between NPC's and the Player
  • Speaking to the NPC's
  • Adding a Speech Icon and Review
  • Project at the end of the NPC Session

How to work with Tile Map Nodes in Xcode


  • Level Introduction
  • Splitting the GameScene into Extension Files for Organization
  • Transitioning to alternate SKS Files based on Device
  • Adding Tile Sprite for SKTileMapNodes
  • Using SKReferenceNodes for GUI
  • Remembering Properties Between Levels
  • Adding Level Specific Properties
  • Project at the end of the Levels Session

Role Playing Games with Sprite Kit and Swift 3 - Part 17 - World Item Introduction

The World Item Class

  • World Item Introduction
  • Finding World Item Data in the Property List
  • Making Items Portals to Other Levels
  • Briefly Touching up the NPC Code
  • Item Requirements and Info Text
  • Switching Items to an Open Appearance
  • Picking up a Castle Key and Adding it to Inventory
  • Item Icons and Delaying Portal Entry
  • Custom Info Time Variables and Level Rewards / Clearing out Inventory on Level Entry
  • Time Based Opening of Items
  • The RememberTo Dictionary and Alternate Portals
  • Project Files at the end of the Item Session

Role Playing Games Tutorial with Sprite Kit and Swift 3 - Part 35 - Throwing Projectiles 2

The Player Class

  • Player Introduction
  • CGMutablePaths and SKShapeNodes that Display Paths
  • Making the Player Follow a Path
  • Adding Properties to the Player Clas
  • Implementing an Alternate Track Pad Style Control to Move the Player
  • Camera Changes for the iPad and Other Odds and Ends
  • Throwing Projectiles
  • Project files at the end of the Player Session

Role Playing Games Swift and Sprite Kit Tutorials

Buttons, GUI, and Inventory

  • Adding Attack and Melee Buttons
  • Veering Slightly When Walking
  • Populating the Stats in Our GUI
  • Adding to Currency, XP, and Changing the Player Classes
  • Adding Health, Armor, Setup for Keeping Track of Ammo
  • Switching Projectiles and Ammo Inventory
  • Adding GUI for the other Inventory
  • Project Files at the end of the Inventory Session


This final session is in production right now, and will be released the last week of March / beginning of April!

Includes a TON of Amazing Assets

Not only does this course include Xcode Projects at the end of every session, students will also get all the artwork used in the series. This include player art, NPC art, level art, projectiles, GUI elements, special FX and much more!

Assets for RPG Sprite Kit Course

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  • Billed once per year, 2 times

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