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Modeling in Maya

Learn how to model an entire roller coaster / theme park!

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About Maya

Maya by Autodesk, is 3D computer graphics software that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems and used to create interactive 3D applications, video games, animated films, and visual effects. Autodesk has a generous 3-year license for any kind of student that wants to sample the software.

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Learn about your instructor...

Brian Heinrich is an experienced 3D and multimedia designer with a passion for creativity and an eye for design. He possesses an extensive skillset including 3D Design, Web, Graphic, and Print Design, UI layout and design, XHTML, CSS, and Flash. With over 5 years of professional technical teaching experience, he has a knack for making complicated topics and/or tasks easy to learn and understand.  Virtual Dreamz, Inc. is Brian’s multimedia studio.

Maya Video Tutorials

Modeling a Maya Roller Coaster

Welcome to ‘Modeling a Maya Roller Coaster’. In this series, we will cover various tools and methods to create our very own theme park ride. We will focus on creating the roller coaster itself, including the track and detailed car models, then work on the surrounding landscape: walkways, trashcans, grass, gates, flags, and turnstiles.

Session Descriptions

Maya Video Tutorials

  • Brief introduction to Maya 2013- 1:42
  • Setting up your project folder – 3:23
  • Hotkeys, setting preferences, and installing simple scripts – 31:28
  • Overview of using polygonal objects –  39:50
  • Modeling overview / workflow using nurbs surfaces –  31:42

  • Research, ideas, and concepts – 3:43
  • Practice with a simplified track – 24:10
  • Creating the track course via an initial path – 16:52
  • Initial path addendum – 2:44
  • Adding height to the track path –22:40
  • Design the track look and feel – 33:33
  • Create the track geometry – 28:17
  • Adding banking to turns – 42:29
  • Creating track support: geometry – 22:57
  • Adding the track supports – 52:17

  • Car overview – Research and design 5:22
  • Creating the car geometry – Base- 48:31
  • Refine the car base and add details – 21:35
  • Detailing the pipes and front bumper- 32:09
  • Detailing the rivets, mirrors and more –39:22
  • Creating the seat base – 37:20
  • Adding seat details – 44:05
  • Seat restraints – 43:19
  • Putting together the wheel assembly – 31:32
  • Putting the car together and adding it to the track- 34:33

  • Theme park elements overview – 2:52
  • Creating a trash can – 24:58
  • Creating a gate / pipe raile – 19:05
  • Creating a flag – 19:10
  • Creating a turnstile – 27:14
  • Creating walkways – 14:20
  • Creating simple foliage – 09:08
  • Creating a simple landscape – 11:33

  • Overview- 2:22
  • Importing and placing elements – 10:40

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Maya Video Tutorials - Building a Roller Coaster

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