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How to Make Toddler Games with Construct 2 – Index

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Create Toddler Games with Construct 2 - Lifetime Access
Build a simple, toddler or preschool level game with absolutely zero programming.
Module 1 Introduction & Set Up  
An introduction to the game you'll be building and what you need to get setup.
Unit 1 Course Assets
Unit 2 How to Make Toddler Games with Construct 2 Tutorial - Introduction
Unit 3 Downloading Software
Unit 4 Setting Up
Unit 5 Course Notes
Module 2 Building the First Game  
In this section of videos we will go through creating a title screen, setting up a simple shape game, drag and dropping shapes and adding music.
Unit 1 Title Screen
Unit 2 Setting Up the Shapes Game
Unit 3 Shapes Game Drag and Drop
Unit 4 Shapes Game Finished
Unit 5 Music
Module 3 Letters Game  
In these videos we will build a second game by dragging objects that begin with specific letters into a box.
Unit 1 Setting Up Letters Game
Unit 2 Letters Game Finish
Module 4 Numbers Game  
In these videos we will create a numbers game where the player chooses a correct answer.
Unit 1 Setting Up Numbers Game
Unit 2 Numbers Game Part 1
Unit 3 Numbers Game Part 2
Unit 4 Numbers Game Part 3
Module 5 Finishing Touches & Publishing  
Finally we will add some finishing touches and discuss publishing your app.
Unit 1 Touch to Enlarge Buttons
Unit 2 Publishing Your Game
How to Make Toddler Games with Construct 2

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