Blender in 3 Minutes – A Crash Course for Developers – Index

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Blender in 3 Minutes - A Crash Course for Developers

A crash course in Blender modeling and texturing aimed at eventually exporting 3D objects and importing them to Xcode for use in SceneKit and ARKit apps

Created by: Justin

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Section 1

From zero to hero

In this section we'll learn enough to get up to the point where we can actually export some use-able models.

Blender in 3 Minutes – Course Introduction

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Select / Move / Delete

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Scale & Rotate / Change View / Duplicate

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Edit Mode / Vertex, Edge, Face Selection Methods

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Proportional Editing and Extrude

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Boolean Modifiers / Removing Part of a Shape Using Another Shape

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Loop Cut, Slide Edge, Subdivide and Inset Faces

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Selecting Linked Meshes and Making Faces

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Solidify, Subdivision Surface, and Export a .DAE file

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Making Superman Style Text

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The Mirror Modifier

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Tags:   Blender - 3D - modeling -

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