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Author archive for Anibal

  • Isometric Forest

    Get 30 hand drawn isometric assets in this incredibly detailed level art package.  Files included are in PNG format with alpha…

  • Rocky Mountain Tile Set

    A gorgeous painted style Rocky Mountain tile set. Create hundreds of levels with one package. 16 hand painted tiles. PNG…

  • Misty Forest Tile Set

    The Misty Forest Tile set includes the following: 25 PNG hand drawn assets Layered background xcnvironment layers

  • Army of Darkness Skeleton Pack

    It won’t be a good day for the heroes in your game after this royalty free game art pack arrives…

  • 2D Forest Elements

    This collection of hand-drawn 2D elements will make a great addition to your platform or side-scrolling levels. 16 Elements PNG format…

  • Animated Dog Character Set

    This Animated Dog character set will make a great hero or companion character to your 2D side scroller games or apps. Includes…


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