ARKit with Sprite Kit – Index

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ARKit with Sprite Kit

Learn augmented reality for iOS games!

Created by: Justin

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Section 1

Introduction to ARKit and Sprite Kit

Learn how to master augmented reality with Sprite Kit

ARKit 1 – Basic Template Overview

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ARKit 2 – Adding SKSpriteNodes in the AR World

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ARKit 3 – Adding Existing SKSpriteNodes

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ARKit 4 – Physics Bodies in an AR world

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ARKit 5 – ARKit Hit Detection for Horizontal Planes

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ARKit 6 – Starting a New, Property List Driven Project

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ARKit 7 – Parsing through Image and Animation Properties in the GameElement Class

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ARKit 8 – Adding Multiple Game Elements when the Scene Starts

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ARKit 9 – Randomizing Locations of Anchored Sprites

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ARKit 10 – Collecting or Removing Sprites Based on Z-Distance to the Camera

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Category: Game Development  -   Primary Software: Xcode  -  
Tags:   xcode - sprite kit - arkit - augmented reality - game development - spritekit - iOS -

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