Animation in Twelve BLANK Lessons – Index

Animation in Twelve BLANK Lessons

This lengthy 13 hour video series will show you how to master the twelve steps of a digital production pipeline that is built for the individual artist. Keyword being, "individual", because while this pipeline is based off the same steps animation studios use, the course is meant for YOU, the indie story teller / cartoonist / animator to produce marketable animation FAST!

Created by: CartoonSmart

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Section 1

Introduction & Set Up

You can watch an introduction to the series below and learn about what software you do and don't need for the course. Your instructor uses AutoDesk SketchBook, GarageBand, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Toon Boom Harmony. A subscription-version of Harmony will be / is replacing versions of Toon Boom Studio, Animate and Animate Pro, so much of what's taught applies to that software as well. But most of the concepts taught can be applied to any animation software.

Course Introduction

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Software to Download

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Harmony Settings

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Section 2

The 12 BLANK Lessons

The courses below will guide you step by step through a typical animation pipeline. Enjoy the journey!

Sound – Capture and Refine the Moment of Inspiration

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Design – Employ Line and Shape to Enhance the Idea

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Color – Take Control of Your Artist’s Palette

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Thumbnails – Structure Your Story

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Timing – Unite Sound and Visual for Story Flow

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Layout – Establish Scene Readability

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Ink, Rig, and Paint Characters – Build for Movement

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Ink, Rig, and Paint Backgrounds – Construct a Multi-Plane Environment

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Rough Animation – Create Staging, Anticipation, and Broad Gestures

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Camera – Compose Cinematic Shots

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Lip Sync – Connect the Characters to Sound and Surroundings

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Refining the Animation – Apply Follow-Through and Secondary Actions

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Course Congratulations

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Section 3

PDF Files

The course includes PDF files for each step so you can reference important notes during or after the videos.

PDF Notes

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