How to Animate a Looping Fire Effect in Adobe Animate or Adobe Flash

Vector Illustrated Flames with Glow Filters

How to Animate Fire in Adobe Animate or Flash thumb

In this Adobe Animate / Adobe Flash tutorial, we’ll animate a fire effect starting with nothing but simple vector shapes. We’ll start by creating a looping wave like motion on the left side, then piece by piece add more fragments of looping motion to build the basic one-color fire. From here, we could add a simple glow effect and be done, but to really make this fire come alive, we’ll want to add multiple inner and outer Glow Filters. To do this without each Movieclip being obvious to the viewer, we’ll copy all frames to another file, break them apart and combine each symbols raw vector art onto a single frame. We’ll then symbolize the combined vector art to add a seamless set of Glow Filters. We’ll make heavy use of the Edit Multiple Frames toggle in Animate / Flash.

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