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Space Girl!

Learn how to draw a pin-up style character in Adobe Illustrator

Space Girl – How to Draw a Pin-Up Style Character – Subscriber Access

Taught by professional illustrator, caricature artist, and animator Justin Cook

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Adobe Illustrator

Find out about the software used...

You can follow along using Adobe Illustrator, a vector illustration software. Unlike pixel art, vector art is created by one point connecting to another to form a shape. Vector illustration is precise but doesn't require the same steady hand and skillset that a traditional pencil-on-paper artist uses.

Learn about your instructor...

Justin Cook is a professional animator and illustrator, specializing in Toon Boom Animate, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. Justin has taught over 30 hours of Toon Boom tutorials for Cartoon Smart, and this is his first Photoshop tutorial for the site.

Three hours of drawing techniques using Adobe Illustrator.


Learn to work with amazing brush tools, shade using gradients, explore clipping paths, compound paths and much more. The tutorial is divided into the following four parts: brush tools, inking, coloring, and shading.

How to Draw a Pin Up Girl in Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials

Three hours of vector-ific training!

How to Draw a Pin Up Girl in Illustrator Part 2

Session 1: Custom Brushes

In this part, Justin Cook teaches how to setup custom brushes for the inking stage of the tutorial. A wacom tablet (to use the pressure sensitive pen tools) is not required, but would come in handy if you have one available.

How to Draw a Pin Up Girl in Illustrator Part 1

Session 2: Inking

In this session, Justin will ink over his entire sketch using the custom brushes setup in the first tutorial. You'll learn about the importance of line variance, manipulating vector points, changing line definition after you've initially set it, and much, much more. Also if you would like to use your own drawing to trace over, you're welcome to!

How to Draw a Pin Up Girl in Illustrator Part 3

Session 3: Coloring

In this tutorial, Justin will begin coloring the inked drawing. You'll work with layers, gradients, compound paths, masking, swatches, arranging art, scissor tools, and much more.

Session 4 - Final Shading / Coloring

In this last tutorial, Justin will finish coloring the piece by adding gradients and shadowing to the skin and clothes. This can give your vector artwork a less-flat look and appear as if it were colored in a program like Photoshop, but instead you'll still be working exclusively in Illustrator.

How to Draw a Pin Up Girl in Adobe Illustrator

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