Slim Male Characters

How to Draw Slim Male Characters

Learn to draw with renowned illustrator and animator, Paris Christou!

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CartoonSmart is now sporting two delivery methods for your training. You can stream the videos to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone OR use our original delivery method: zip files containing the course videos and assets. Either way you’ve got the same great HD video CartoonSmart is known for. Before YouTube was even started, we’ve been offering HD quality screencasts!

Sketchbook Pro Tutorial

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Your instructor uses the desktop version of Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk, but you can choose any illustration software you own. If you choose to use a sketching program for the iPad, two recommended apps are Sketchbook Pro for iPad and Art Studio for the iPad.

Course taught by Paris Christou

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Disney and Pixar-trained artist, Paris Christou teaches this fantastic course on how to draw in elaborate detail. Paris is a full time animator, pin-up artist, children’s story book illustrator, and has his own comic series for a nationally distributed newspaper in the UK.







How to Draw Slim Male Characters

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Having pre-conceived characters and personalities to work with helps a character designer to start developing. So for this course the characters are based on a young teenage Hero who works back stage at a theatre who then finds out that the Villain, “a crazy magician” has enslaved many bunny rabbits to pull out of a hat in every magic show he performs. Paris takes all the imaginative information of each character and demonstrates the stages to design the Hero and the Villain.

How to Draw Slim Male Characters

Over four hours of professional illustration tutorials…

How to build a library of parts

Session 1: Building a Library

This first series of videos teaches how to build a library of facial features. You will learn how to:

  • Create different styles of eyes, eye shapes, expressions and positions.
  • Create a library of many noses and ears.
  • Create different types of head shapes.
How to Draw Heads Tutorial

Session 2: Designing the Heads

The next two videos in the series focusing on head design for the Villain and Hero Characters. Topics include:

  • Furthering the design of each character to get the look”just right”.
  • Experimenting with specific features from the library to form the faces.
  • Illustrating multiple angles to get familiar with the character’s face.
How to Draw Slim Male Characters

Session 3: Designing the Bodies

This final session teaches how to draw each character’s body with a special video focusing on every illustrator’s least favorite thing to draw: hands and feet. Paris won’t let you slide by drawing your character posed with his hand’s hidden in his pockets or behind his back. The final two videos focus on the body poses and outfits of the Villain and Hero, with a final wrap up discussing the completed Character Sheet.

Watch how a professional illustrator captures a character’s personality!

How to draw heads of slim characters
How to Draw Slim Male Characters

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How to Draw Slim Male Characters