Draw Macho Men

and Overweight Characters!

Nine hours!

Taught by professional animator and illustrator Paris Christou!

How to Draw Macho Men and Overweight Characters

Learn to draw with renowned illustrator and animator, Paris Christou!

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CartoonSmart is now sporting two delivery methods for your training. You can stream the videos to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone OR use our original delivery method: zip files containing the course videos and assets. Either way you’ve got the same great HD video CartoonSmart is known for. Before YouTube was even started, we’ve been offering HD quality screencasts!

Sketchbook Pro Tutorial

Find out about the software used...

Your instructor uses the desktop version of Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk, but you can choose any illustration software you own. If you choose to use a sketching program for the iPad, two recommended apps are Sketchbook Pro for iPad and Art Studio for the iPad.

Course taught by Paris Christou

Learn about your instructor...

Disney and Pixar-trained artist, Paris Christou teaches this stout-hearted course on how to draw in elaborate detail. Paris is a full time animator, pin-up artist, children’s story book illustrator, and has his own comic series for a nationally distributed newspaper in the UK.

The Macho Men and Overweight Characters Tutorial.

In this nine hour course Paris illustrates four characters (two heroes and two villains) to demonstrate the techniques he uses to create the initial design, then to convey motion and expression.

Paris illustrates using Sketchbook Pro, but you can follow along with any illustration program of your choice. Whether you prefer pixel or vector based programs (or simply pencil on paper), the concepts in this course transcend medium. Bottom-line this tutorial series is about creating incredible characters.

How to Draw Faces
How to Draw Bodies
How to Draw Faces Tutorial
How to Draw Bodies Tutorial
How to Draw Macho Men and Overweight Characters




Learn to Draw like a Professional






Over 9 hours of illustration tutorials, broken into five amazing sessions…

How to draw faces of macho men

The Faces – 90 Minutes

This first session focuses on designing the face. You’ll get an insight into the creation process of both the macho and overweight characters and gain an understanding of the head shape and features that are needed to develop your own characters.

Library of body parts

The Library –  55 Minutes

Session two concentrates on building a library of facial features for your characters. You’ll learn how to create different eyes, eye shapes, noses, ears and mouths to convey the right feel for your soft-hearted or brutish creations.

How to Draw Bodies

Understanding the Bodies – 46 Minutes

In this session you’ll learn which body features to EXAGGERATE (< like that). You’ll gain an understanding of the basic shapes of the body and their features as they relate to macho men and overweight characters.

How to draw poses in motion tutorial

Poses in Motion – 4 Hours and 7 Minutes

This lengthy session will give you a comprehensive look at how to pose your characters. Most of the full body poses are drawn (in real-time) in this session, where you’ll learn how to take an animator’s approach to illustrating action-heavy poses.


How to draw facial expressions

Expressions – 2 Hours and 14 Minutes

This final session focuses on expressions of the face. Paris draws dozens of expressions and gives you his unique insight to capturing that perfect look. He will also teach you a lip-sync animation technique to help you develop your character’s expressions.

How to Draw Macho Men and Overweight Characters Tutorial

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