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Zombie Bods for Toon Boom Animate

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Zombie Bods for Toon Boom Animate

  • Royalty free game art

These templates were created in Toon Boom Animate and are pre-rigged for Inverse Kinematics with a skeletal structure which can only be used with Animate (note: Toon Boom Animate has been renamed to Toon Boom Harmony, although these are untested in Harmony at this time, we assume they work).


  • Rigged for animation

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Alternatively, you could use the non-rigged vector artwork in Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects or just about any other software. You’ll get 5 characters in all, each with a zombie and non-zombie look.


This author has extended the standard license to allow the art to be used for print purposes.

By: Justin Cook

📂   File Formats:
Toon Boom Animate (presumably Harmony)  |   Adobe Animate  |   Adobe Illustrator  |   Photoshop  |   After Effects  |  

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Art Type: Animations  -   Art Category: Characters  -   Sub Category: Zombies  -  
Tags:   Animation - Toon Boom

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