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Wordpress Kung Fu

Video tutorials for everything from the initial setup with Wordpress, to site design, to marketing!


Wordpress Kung Fu (2018) - Subscriber Access
In this video tutorial series we'll cover everything you need to know to setup a Wordpress site, then run it like a boss!
Module 1 Installation and Essential Know-How for First-Timers to Wordpress  
In this section we'll cover the initial installation and setup for Wordpress, as well as the basics of page and post creation, essential plugins, widgets and more.
Unit 1 Wordpress Installation
Unit 2 Wordpress Themes and Pages vs Posts Overview
Unit 3 Plugins Part 1 - Jetpack Plugin
Unit 4 Plugins Part 2 - Some Essential, some just recommended
Unit 5 Facebook Pixel (install NOW, trust me)
Unit 6 Widgets
Module 2 Adding a Premium Theme  
In this section we'll discuss our recommended theme to really make your site stunning. And yes, it is a Premium (paid) theme, but also very affordable.
Unit 1 Cardinal Theme - Installation and Introduction
Unit 2 Cardinal Theme - Displaying Recent Posts within Pages
Unit 3 Cardinal Theme - UI Elements 1 - Accordian
Unit 4 Cardinal Theme - UI Elements 2 - Message Boxes and Icons
Unit 5 Cardinal Theme - UI Elements 3 - Site Map, Toggle, Tabs, Search
Unit 6 Cardinal Theme - UI Elements 4 - Tour Boxes and Saving your Elements to Port to other Pages
Unit 7 Cardinal Theme - Layout Elements - Sections (for reusable content)
Unit 8 Cardinal Theme - Layout Elements - Rows and Columns
Unit 9 Cardinal Theme - Layout Elements - Widgets in the main page content
Unit 10 Cardinal Theme - Media Elements - Parallax
Module 3 Facebook Marketing and Retargeting  
Remember when you installed that Facebook Pixel? Well it's time to use it!
There are no units in this module.



Wordpress Kung Fu - Video Tutorials for Wordpress

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