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tvOS Fundamentals - Video Tutorials

Learn all the essentials to getting started with nearly any tvOS app!

tvOS Fundamentals
Video tutorials for tvOS and Swift. Taking special requests, just ask!
Module 1 Essential UIKit Components for tvOS  
We'll cover some of the most important UIKit components you'll use time and time again when building Apple TV apps.
Unit 1 UITableViews
Unit 2 UICollectionViews - Part 1
Unit 3 Connecting the UICollectionView to the UITableView - Part 2
Unit 4 Property Lists and Random Backgrounds - Part 1
Unit 5 Property Lists and Random Backgrounds (Loaded from a Server)- Part 2
Unit 6 Input Text Fields on tvOS
Unit 7 Remote Control Gestures on tvOS
Unit 8 UIButtons and UIView animations



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