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Tradigital Animation Head Movements – Tutorial Index

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Tradigital Animation Head Movements - Lifetime Access
Join your instructor, Conan Sinclair, in this first course on tradigital animation. It focuses entirely on head animations: movements, turns, flexibility, dialogue, etc. This series is divided into five parts, outlined below:
Module 1 The Basics.  
This first session covers basic animation techniques applicable to any program you choose to animate with, but Conan does spend some time early on teaching a few of the tools within Flash that he will be using throughout this series of lessons.
Unit 1 Tradigital Animations Head Movements Tutorial - Assets
Unit 2 The Basics
Module 2 Head Turn Animations  
Learn how to do a head turn animation, starting with two key poses, then work with timing, ease-in and out’s, and in-between frames.
Unit 1 Head Turn Animations
Module 3 Flexibility  
Learn how to get more flexibility in your animation when going from one keypose to another.
Unit 1 Flexibility
Module 4 Lip Syncing  
This session covers dialogue animation using mouth shapes (or phonemes) and then the instructor brings in an audio file to sync an animation to.
Unit 1 Lip Syncing - Part 1
Unit 2 Lip Syncing - Part 2
Unit 3 Lip Syncing Part 3
Module 5 Cleaning Up  
This last session teaches how to clean up your animation, paint in a more polished, professional look to your frames, then include Layer effects to add a variety of styles to your final piece.
Unit 1 Clean Up
Tradigital Animation Head Movements Tutorials

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