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Tradigital Animation – Fight Scenes – Tutorial Index

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Tradigital Animation: Fight Scenes - Lifetime Access
In this tutorial, Conan goes beyond the fundamentals from his previous tutorials, and now focuses on a multi-scene fight animation, using Flash & After Effects (or your choice of non-linear editing software).
Module 1 Setting up the Scene  
Conan Sinclair explains how important it is to begin with model sheets, an environment and storyboard before beginning to actually animate. Those assets are included along with source files throughout the rest of the tutorial. This part mostly focuses on setting up the stage with some initial animation of each character during the pan-in.
Unit 1 Tradigital Animation - Fight Scenes Tutorial - Assets
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Setting up the Scene - Part 1
Unit 4 Setting up the Scene - Part 2
Module 2 Building Suspense  
No fight sequence would be complete without some initial “showboating” of each opponent’s skills. In this part Conan animates the Big Brute’s “bring it on” style fist clap and the Little Dude’s sequence of martial arts flare.
Unit 1 Building Suspense - Part 1
Unit 2 Building Suspense - Part 2
Unit 3 Building Suspense - Part 3
Module 3 Punching and Running  
In this lesson, the two key sequences are the Little Dude running to attack and the Big Brute sending a direct punch toward the camera. This part has some great examples of “smear”, similar to motion blur, but done by actually drawing in a smear of motion to the frame.
Unit 1 Punching and Running - Part 1
Unit 2 Punching and Running - Part 2
Module 4 The Fight is on  
Kick, block, deflect, punch, there’s a little of everything in this part.
Unit 1 The Fight Is ON! - Part 1
Unit 2 The Fight Is ON! - Part 2
Unit 3 The Fight Is ON! - Part 3
Module 5 Clean Up and Compiling the Finished Scenes.  
This lesson covers coloring the rough frames, then exporting PNG sequences to be compiled into a non-linear video editing program for a little extra sizzle. Conan uses After Effects, but you can edit together the finished scenes in the program of your choice. He’ll also teach how to add some effects to make the entire piece look less like it was made in Flash.
Unit 1 Clean Up and Compiling the Finished Scenes
Traditional animation tutorial fight scenes

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