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Tradigital Animation Body Mechanics – Tutorial Index

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Tradigital Animation: Body Mechanics - Lifetime Access
In this second tutorial in the "Tradigital" series, Conan will teach traditional techniques for body animation. Again, he’ll be using Flash, but you can use the animation program of your choice. The six hour course is divided into the following parts…
Module 1 Body Mechanics Basics  
This lesson teaches the basics of how to make your body animations look real. In the cartoon world anything is possible, but there’s still some “rules” to play by. You can’t have joints bending every which way, and that’s one of the things this part looks into. The second half of this lesson teaches a simple animation exercise by making a body move from one side to another.
Unit 1 Course Assets
Unit 2 Basics - Part 1
Unit 3 Basics - Part 2
Module 2 Jumping  
This part teaches how to animate a realistic jump, which is a great movement exercise to get an appreciation for weight.
Unit 1 Jumping
Module 3 Sitting and Standing.  
Think about how often a character on TV gets up or sits down in a scene. In your own animations, you’ll find this a useful exercise to add some movement to a scene where your characters might otherwise only be talking.
Unit 1 Sitting
Unit 2 Standing
Module 4 Walk Cycles Tutorial  
The next few lessons focus on every animators favorite (or possibly most dreaded) sequence: the walk/run cycle. Conan teaches his method of breaking these down into four manageable key poses, which he then adds in-betweens to.
Unit 1 Walk Cycles
Module 5 Run Cycles  
Runs are similar to walks in that you’ll learn to create four key poses of the cycle, but this time with a bounding motion to it, and the faster the run, the more of a lean is added to the character.
Unit 1 Run Cycles
Module 6 Advanced Movements  
This final lesson converts our side view cycles into front view and three-quarter view cycles, which can be a real test for new animators. Conan also teaches a walk cycle with a “double bounce” movement.
Unit 1 Advanced Movements - Part 1
Unit 2 Advanced Movements - Part 2
Unit 3 Advanced Movements - Part 3
Tradigital Animation Body Mechanics Tutorials

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