Tradigital Animation – 2D FX – Index – Depracated

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Tradigital Animation: 2D FX - Lifetime Access
Learn how to animate 2D special FX using Adobe Flash (or your choice of software).
Module 1 Muzzles  
This tutorial focuses on the muzzle animation in Adobe Flash.
Unit 1 Tradigital Animation – 2D FX - Assets
Unit 2 Tradigital Animation - 2DFX Tutorial - Introduction
Unit 3 Muzzles - Part 1
Unit 4 Muzzles - Part 2
Module 2 Mini-Impacts  
This tutorial focuses on creating a mini-explosion in Adobe Flash.
Unit 1 Impacts
Unit 2 Impacts with Smoke
Module 3 Candle Flames and Fire  
The third session in the series teaches you how to animate a small flame and a larger fire in Flash
Unit 1 Basic Candle
Unit 2 Candle in Wind
Unit 3 Fire Pre-Viz
Unit 4 Fire Final
Module 4 Steam and Smoke FX  
The fourth session covers two similarly challenging effects, steam and smoke.
Unit 1 Steam
Unit 2 Smoke
Module 5 Running Water and Splash FX  
Water is the bane of most animators at some point or another. Conan will show you some easy tricks to alleviate that.
Unit 1 Basic Water
Unit 2 Splash FX
Module 6 The Grand Enchilda: A Giant Explosion  
And finally, the big bang. Conan animates an incredibly cool looking explosion effect.
Unit 1 Big Explosions Part 1
Unit 2 Big Explosions Part 2
Adobe Flash tutorial 2D Special FX

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