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The Classic CartoonSmart Cartoonist Collection – Tutorial Index

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CartoonSmart Classics - The Cartoonist Collection
The year: sometime in the 2000's. The Mac OS is "bubblier", Adobe Flash had just gotten this new feature called Filters, and CartoonSmart's owner and lead instructor sounds a few years younger. But if we're brave enough to post these oldies but goodies, you can find the courage to watch them. The craziest thing about these past greats: the illustration techniques taught back then still hold up today. Yes, Adobe Flash really hasn't changed much! Vector illustration in Flash is pretty much as its always been. Simply, straight-forward and an excellent tool for cartoonists!
Module 1 Course Assets  
This section contains the course assets for every tutorial in this collection.
Unit 1 Download-able Videos
Unit 2 Course Assets
Module 2 Cartoonist Heads (4 hrs)  
This Adobe Flash tutorial teaches how to illustrate cartoon heads. The course looks at the basics of illustration, various expressions, and how to draw "turn-arounds" for various views of the same head.
Unit 1 Cartoon Heads Part 1
Unit 2 Cartoon Heads Part 2
Unit 3 Cartoon Heads Part 3
Module 3 Retro Futurism (6 hrs)  
This four-part lesson guides you step-by-step through illustrating in a retro-fururistic style. We'll start by looking at the history of this style (diners, classic cars), then put it to practice using Adobe Flash.
Unit 1 References and Illustrating a Retro Diner Sign
Unit 2 Stylized Interface Design
Unit 3 Retro-Futuristic Office and Car
Unit 4 How to Draw a Fun, Futuristic Cityscape
Module 4 How to Draw Spokes Character (4 hrs)  
A spokes-character is a creative way to further the branding of your product or service. Over time, customers will identify your character with whatever you sell AND ideally, be reminded of your product more often. This course will teach you to design and animate your brand, app or product's spokes character using Flash.
Unit 1 How to Draw Spokes Characters - Part 1
Unit 2 How to Draw Spokes Characters - Part 2
Unit 3 How to Draw Spokes Characters - Part 3
Module 5 How to Draw Cartoon Backgrounds (5 hrs)  
The first lesson teaches the fundamentals of drawing backgrounds, like 1, 2, and 3 point perspective. Lesson two takes things further with 5 point and curvilinear perspective, focusing mostly on city-type scenes. The final lesson teaches how to draw elements like rocks, plants, mountains, and then how to animate a scene to create a parallax looping background.
Unit 1 How to Draw Cartoon Backgrounds - Part 1
Unit 2 How to Draw Cartoon Backgrounds - Part 2
Unit 3 How to Draw Cartoon Backgrounds - Part 3
Module 6 Comic Book Illustration (3 hrs)  
This three part lesson guides you through creating a comic-book style illustration from start to finish in Adobe Flash.
Unit 1 Comic Book Illustration - Part 1
Unit 2 Comic Book Illustration - Part 2
Unit 3 Comic Book Illustration - Part 3
Module 7 How to Draw Clothing (3 hrs)  
This relaxed, practice course is full of great tips and techniques for illustrating clothing. After the lessons, you can practice drawing clothing on any of the silhouettes provided in the example projects.
Unit 1 How to Draw Clothing - Part 1
Unit 2 How to Draw Clothing - Part 2
Unit 3 How to Draw Clothing - Part 3
Module 8 How to Draw Cartoon Bodies (6 hrs)  
This course teaches how to draw the body and play off the human form to create a more "cartoonish" body (like exagerating certain features). The bulk of the lesson is in Flash, but we also feature some quick sketching techniques to prepare for drawing the polished Flash versions.
Unit 1 How to Draw Cartoon Bodies - Part 1
Unit 2 How to Draw Cartoon Bodies - Part 2
Unit 3 How to Draw Cartoon Bodies - Part 3
Unit 4 How to Draw Cartoon Bodies - Part 4
Unit 5 How to Draw Cartoon Bodies - Part 5
Classic CartoonSmart Cartoonist Tutorials

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