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Frequently Asked Questions….

How often is new content added?

All the time. CartoonSmart has been creating tutorials since 2004 (before a little site named YouTube even existed), our Starter Kits since the first version of the iPad, and in the past year we’ve been adding two game art packages each month exclusively for our subscribers. So new courses, kits, and art is constantly in production.

Can I download the movie files from subscription courses?

No, subscribers only get streaming access to the tutorial movies. But they are in glorious high definition (or you can toggle HD off), served through Vimeo/Amazon S3 for blazing fast delivery no matter where you are in the world. Plus you can stream them from any mobile device or tablet, so there are plenty of ways to watch on-the-go.

Can I cancel, hassle-free, at anytime?

Yes, directly through Paypal (instructions below). Even if you cancel, you will still maintain access for whatever time you paid for. So if you purchased our Yearly subscription on May 1, 2016, you will have access up to May 1, 2017, even if you cancel within that time. Cancellations just need to be done before the rebilling date.

How to cancel any subscription through Paypal

  1. Log in to your PayPal account..
  2. Click Activity at the top
  3. Unfold All Transactions go to Subscription Agreements
  4. Locate the one for CartoonSmart, and hit the Cancel button.

I see you take Paypal, but can I just pay with a credit card?

Of course! Paypal is just like any other credit card processor. Because you are starting a subscription though, they will want you to create a quick login for their site so you can independently manage your subscription. So if you need to update your credit card info before the next billing cycle, or cancel your subscription, you can do all that through them. Paypal is obviously one of the largest, most trusted companies when it comes to online payments, so we leave all that to them. CartoonSmart never receives your credit card info.

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