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Side Scroller Game Development for iOS and Mac OS – Tutorial Index

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Side Scroller Game Development for iOS / Mac Os - Lifetime Access
Learn to create amazing games from scratch in a minimal time by understanding the SpriteKit framework and Swift. All while building a fun side scroller template in Xcode. This course is intended to take you from start to store over 50-plus lectures and nearly 6 hours of content.
Module 1 Introduction  
These videos will introduce the course and provide a roadmap for what's ahead. We'll also discuss some of what's required, namely a Mac with Xcode installed and some initial foundation with Swift, or programming in general. Optionally, it is recommended you have an Apple developer account and test device.
Unit 1 What you will learn
Unit 2 Why Swift and why Sprite Kit
Unit 3 Course Roadmap
Unit 4 Course Requirements
Unit 5 Course Assets
Module 2 Fundamentals of Sprite Kit  
In this series of video, we will cover all sorts of basic Sprite Kit and Swift topics including: SKNode, SKSpriteNodes, SKActions, the Game Loop, Physics and much more.
Unit 1 Welcome to Nodes
Unit 2 Introduction to Xcode Playgrounds
Unit 3 Nodes in Swift
Unit 4 Introduction to Xcode Projects
Unit 5 Introduction to SKNode and SKSpriteNode
Unit 6 SKNode and SKSpriteNode
Unit 7 Introduction to SKLabelNode and SKEmitterNode
Unit 8 SKLabelNode and SKEmitterNode
Unit 9 Making Things Move
Unit 10 SKActions
Unit 11 The Game Loop
Unit 12 Physics in Sprite Kit
Unit 13 Controlling the Game
Unit 14 Control Methods
Unit 15 Game Design Architecture
Unit 16 Basic Game Architecture in Swift
Unit 17 SKLightNode Textures for Upcoming Videos
Unit 18 SKLightNode and How to Use It
Unit 19 Introduction to Normal Maps for use with Lighting
Module 3 Pre-Production for Your First Game  
In this series of videos you will learn how to design your game, build a prototype, design your game architecture, find useable resources, create title graphics / icons and more.
Unit 1 The 10 Step Game Development Workflow
Unit 2 Designing Your First Game
Unit 3 Build a Prototype
Unit 4 Design Your Game Architecture
Unit 5 Source your resources
Unit 6 Finding Royalty Free Game Art
Unit 7 Create a Title Graphic
Unit 8 Create Game Icons
Module 4 Building the Side Scroller App  
Production REALLY gets underway in this lengthy section. You'll be building an entire game engine essentially, including parallax backgrounds, game world tiles, controlling the player, adding sounds, and everything else you can think of to make a side scroller game!
Unit 1 Notes for Swift 1.2 Changes
Unit 2 Build Your Game Engine
Unit 3 Template Walkthrough
Unit 4 Preparing the structure of the project
Unit 5 Setup the main menu
Unit 6 Create a Parallax Background
Unit 7 Preparing the GameScene
Unit 8 Setting up the Game World with Tiles
Unit 9 Create a Player
Unit 10 Create a HUD with Controls
Unit 11 Jump, Throw, and Pause
Unit 12 Create a Destructible Crate
Unit 13 Triggers for wins, losses and collecting gems
Unit 14 Character Picker, Level Picker and Post Scene
Unit 15 Sounds and Music
Unit 16 Taking Advantage of Glyph Designer
Unit 17 Refine your game GUI
Unit 18 Add Icons to Your Game
Unit 19 Create the Content
Module 5 Finishing the App and Post Production for the AppStore  
This series of videos will deal with everything relating to polishing up your app and getting it ready for sale in the App Store!
Unit 1 Pre-Marketing
Unit 2 Testing your App
Unit 3 The Product Submission and Launch
Unit 4 Introduction to Apple Developer Accounts
Unit 5 Create the Bundle ID
Unit 6 Setting up the App in iTunes Connect
Unit 7 Submitting the App to Apple
Unit 8 Introduction to iTunes Connect
Side Scroller Game Development Tutorials for iOS and Mac OS

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