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Pre-Production Tutorial Bundle

Learn how to storyboard, create animatics and script like an industry professional.

Created by: Chris Wade

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Section 1

Professional Storyboarding and Animatics.

This tutorial series is broken into two sessions. The first will show you how two storyboard artists, David Carbley and Rachel Anchors, approach their craft: working in Photoshop to draw and using Flash to create an animatic. In the second session, taught by Christopher Wade, you will learn the basics of non-linear editing. Animation, Film and Video Production all require editors in some way, shape or form. If you are an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber you have access to Adobe Premiere, but optionally you could work in Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects.

Professional Storyboarding – Assets

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Professional Storyboarding – Part 1

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Professional Storyboarding – Part 2

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Professional Storyboarding – Part 3

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Section 2

Storytelling Basics and Scriptwriting with Celtx

Animation director, Christopher Wade brings his unique brand of educational humor to CartoonSmart featuring the scriptwriting program Celtx. His tutorial will teach you how to effectively write an engaging story and transfer storytelling skills into a script format for film, TV, or animated production.

Screenwriting with Celtx – Part 1

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Screenwriting with Celtx – Part 2

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Category: Storytelling  -   Primary Software: Adobe Animate (Flash)  -  
Tags:   celtic - storyboard - story telling - animate - board - premiere - animatic - preproduction

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