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Optimizing Search Ads Basics using your App Analytics

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If you're an Apple Developer curious to sink some money into Apple's Search Ads Basic program, this video is essential viewing! We will look at actual results over a 10 day period using all 13 storefronts. The app is a freemium app (meaning, it's Free to install and has In App Purchases), so we will use the vital metrics in App Analytics to help figure out which storefronts performed the best and ultimately if the Search Ads Basic program is the right fit for this particular app. And remember, Search Ads Basic charges based on CPI (Cost Per Install) whereas Search Ads Advanced using CPT (Cost Per Tap). So at the very least with Search Ads Basic, you can drive up your installs guaranteed, and in the case with a Messages app, stand a good chance to get into the Top 200 section.

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