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Modelling a Maya Roller Coaster – Video Tutorial Index

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Modeling a Maya Roller Coaster - Lifetime Access
Learn from experienced instructor, Brian Heinrich, and become a master Maya modeler. The course is spread over dozens of short lessons to keep you on track. No pun intended.
Module 1 Introduction and Initial Setup  
Welcome to 'Modeling a Maya Roller Coaster'. In this series, we will cover various tools and methods to create our very own theme park ride. We will focus on creating the roller coaster itself, including the track and detailed car models, then work on the surrounding landscape: walkways, trashcans, grass, gates, flags, and turnstiles.
Unit 1 Modeling a Maya Roller Coaster - Course Assets
Unit 2 Brief Introduction to Maya
Unit 3 Setting up your project folder
Unit 4 Hotkeys, setting preferences, and installing simple scripts
Unit 5 Overview of using polygonal objects
Unit 6 Modeling overview / workflow using nurbs surfaces
Module 2 Creating the roller coaster track.  
In this second session, you will start with an empty scene and end with a fully modeled track system with supports.
Unit 1 Research, ideas, and concepts
Unit 2 Practice with a simplified track
Unit 3 Creating the track course via an initial path
Unit 4 Initial path addendum
Unit 5 Adding height to the track path
Unit 6 Design the track look and feel
Unit 7 Create the track geometry
Unit 8 Adding banking to turns
Unit 9 Creating track support: geometry
Unit 10 Adding the track supports
Module 3 Creating the car  
In this session, you will focus on create the roller coaster car.
Unit 1 Car overview - Research and design
Unit 2 Creating the car geometry - Base
Unit 3 Refine the car base and add details
Unit 4 Detailing the pipes and front bumper
Unit 5 Detailing the rivets, mirrors and more
Unit 6 Creating the seat base
Unit 7 Adding seat details
Unit 8 Seat restraints
Unit 9 Wheel geometry
Unit 10 Putting together the wheel assembly
Unit 11 Putting the car together and adding it to the track
Module 4 Entrance sign and ride logo  
In this section, we will create a fancy entrance sign and logo for the roller coaster ride.
Unit 1 Sign overview and concept
Unit 2 Create base sign backdrop
Unit 3 Adding text and details
Module 5 Various theme park elements  
In this session, we will create extra elements to surround the coaster, including a trash can, gate, flag, turnstile, walkway, foliage and simple landscape.
Unit 1 Theme park elements overview
Unit 2 Creating a trash can
Unit 3 Creating a gate / pipe rail
Unit 4 Creating a flag
Unit 5 Creating a turnstile
Unit 6 Creating walkways
Unit 7 Creating simple foliage
Unit 8 Creating simple foliage 2
Unit 9 Creating a simple landscape
Module 6 Putting it all together  
In this short, final session we will bring everything together to create our finished masterpiece.
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Importing and placing elements

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