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Missile Commando Swift and Sprite Kit Tutorial – Lifetime Access

Cartridge Classics: Missile Commando - Lifetime Access
In this Swift and Sprite Kit video tutorial series we will wield our mighty modern programming skills to re-make a classic arcade game. Along the way, we'll also add modern graphics and some new features so the finished product is a more enjoyable app using today's fancier technology.
Module 1 Initital Setup and Swift/Sprite Kit Basics (optional for intermediate programmers)  
In this section, we'll dip our toes in with both Swift and Sprite Kit and create the initial launch screen. If you've never programmed, we recommend you watch our (free) Swift and Sprite Kit Basics videos, but even without that as a primer you should be able to follow along just fine. And if you already are familiar with Swift and Sprite Kit, you might want to skip forward a session to where we actually begin programming the game. This session will finish up by creating an Xcode project which serves as a nice "Universal Starting Template" for the project to come. It will include an IntroScene (which could house menu options), that the player taps to transition to the GameScene class (the main game). Along the way, the video tutorials will teach new users about general Xcode project settings, SKSpriteNodes, SKLabelNodes, SKActions and transitioning scenes.
Unit 1 Missile Commando - Introduction
Unit 2 Missile Commando - Blackboarding the Game
Unit 3 Very Minor Changes for Swift 2
Unit 4 Course Art Assets and Sounds
Unit 5 How to Create a Universal-sized Intro Image with SKSpriteNode
Unit 6 Introduction to SKLabelNodes and SKActions
Unit 7 Declaring Variables for any Function in Swift and using SKActions to Remove a Child
Unit 8 Using an Intro Scene in Sprite Kit to Transition to the main Game Scene
Module 2 The Player and Surrounding Environment  
In these video tutorials, we will setup the Player's base, turret, ground and looping background with Swift and Sprite Kit.
Unit 1 Starting Xcode Project (includes IntroScene which goes to GameScene)
Unit 2 Adding the Player Base and Ground
Unit 3 Using a Rotation Gesture Recognizer to rotate and move the Turret and Target
Unit 4 Creating Bullets and Applying Force to an SKPhysicsBody
Unit 5 Creating Firing Particles from the Gun Turret
Unit 6 Parallax Moving Backgrounds with Swift and Sprite Kit
Unit 7 SKActions to Play Sound and AVFoundation for Background Sound
Unit 8 Xcode Project (at end of Session 2)
Module 3 Game Play Loops  
Game on! In this session we'll begin sending missiles and bombs for the player to deflect. We'll create custom classes and manage cleaning up items that leave the apps visible area.
Unit 1 Clearing Unseen Nodes and Game Loop Outline
Unit 2 Launching the EnemyMissile Class
Unit 3 EnemyMissile Particles and Animation
Unit 4 Adding Comet Trails to Missiles
Unit 5 Send in the Drones!
Unit 6 Creating the Base Class
Unit 7 The Game Over Loop
Unit 8 Xcode Project (at end of Session 3)
Module 4 Collision Detection, Stats and all the rest!  
In this session we will program interactions with Swift and SpriteKit to determine what happens when one thing collides with another. We'll also add more SKLabelNodes to track stats, score and the level, and polish off everything else in the game to make this Xcode project complete!
Unit 1 Creating Explosions and Adding a Hit Function to the EnemyMissile Class
Unit 2 Contacts Between Bullets and Missiles
Unit 3 Finishing the Contact Listener
Unit 4 Game Over Functions and Restarting
Unit 5 Wave Stats, Move Labels, and Leveling Up
Unit 6 Odds and Ends and Wrap Up!
Unit 7 Xcode Project (at end of Session 4)
Missile Commander - Swift and Sprite Kit Video Tutorial

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