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Site: MikeMac2d.selz.com   |   mikemac2d.artstation.com

Plugs: Schismatic (Volume 1)

Bio: Teacher and game artist here at CartoonSmart.com

Skills: Artist, illustrator, graphic designer

Favorited By: 175   |  Favorite Creators: 0

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Massive RPG Character Pack

RPG Creature Variety Pack with Backgrounds

Mike Mac's Main Hero

Bugz 2

Monstrous Vectors Pack

Block West - Vector Level Set

Block Mountains - Vector Level Set

Alien Crab

Winter Platform Level Pack

Alien Bug

Fatty Slug Bug

Four Pack of Alien Bugs

Flying Creatures Super Pack!

Jungle Mountains Platform Pack

Spooky Mansion Platform Pack 1

Big Forest Game Pack 2

Block Forest Platform Set

Grasslands Platform Pack

Big Forest Game Pack

Alien Monster Bats

RPG Side Scroller Environment Pack

Blob Enemy Character

Fat Alien Dragon

Tentacled Alien Character

Red Bot Hero Character


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Adobe Illustrator Character Design

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