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Introducing Sprite Kit
This introduction to Sprite Kit is truly meant for beginners of all kinds. If you’ve never programmed before, be sure to watch the first section and get some of the basics under your belt. Following that, we will pick apart the Sprite Kit starting template, then move onto building a quick game.
Module 1 Xcode and Objective-C Basics  
We will look at the Xcode Interface , Provision Profiles and cover some basic Objective-C.
Unit 1 Introducing Sprite Kit - Art Assets and Xcode Projects
Unit 2 Course Introduction
Unit 3 Tour of the Xcode Interface
Unit 4 Provisioning Profiles in Xcode
Unit 5 Objective C Basics for Beginners
Unit 6 Objective C Basics for Beginners (continued)
Module 2 The Sprite Kit Template. Explained and Tweaked.  
This video will look at the Sprite Kit template and play around some with what already exists. If you skipped past the optional Objective-C basics tutorial, this video is also intended to give you a quick reminder of some core concepts to programming (for example, returning objects from a method, adding children, setting properties, etc). This second video examining the Sprite Kit Template will teach you how to enable multiple touches in the view controller, detect touch end events, use childNodeWithName, and enumerate through children during the update method.
Unit 1 The Sprite Kit Template
Unit 2 The Sprite Kit Template (continued)
Module 3 Building a Boulder Jumping Game  
We will cover every step in creating a game from scratch in Xcode with Sprite Kit.
Unit 1 Importing Assets to Xcode (and Exporting from Flash)
Unit 2 Texture Atlases with Sprite Kit
Unit 3 Adding and Identifying Children with Sprite Kit
Unit 4 Moving Objects and Detecting Two Objects Colliding
Unit 5 Casting in Sprite Kit
Unit 6 Adding Sprite Kit Actions
Unit 7 Game Over for this Sprite Kit Project


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